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Our Blue Donation ScatterPod® is one of two colours currently produced. It features "Donations" in gold foil print on the front, along with a photo pocket for a photograph, or details of the charity. It also features a base label to record any particulars.


Our Blue Donation ScatterPod® Stand is one of two colours currently produced and is designed to hold the blue Donation ScatterPod® (included). It features a base label to record any particulars.

Donation ScatterPod®

Our Donation ScatterPod® has a slot on the top, allowing for donations and cards up to 170mm wide (7") and 4mm thick (0.16"). The donation ScatterPod itself is 30cm tall, 20cm wide and 7.5cm deep (12" x 8" x 3") and has a photo pocket, allowing for a photo up to 148mm x 105mm (6" x 4") in a portrait view.

Donation ScatterPod® Stand

Each Donation ScatterPod® Stand is supplied with a pack of 15 blank cards, where the charity details can be shown. Whilst each Donation ScatterPod® is single use, the stands are designed to be used multiple times if looked after. The stand is 24.2cm wide, 20.0 cm deep and 4.8cm tall (10" x 8" x 2").

Donation ScatterPod® - a new way of accepting donations - securely and with minimal fuss.

Our new single use Donation ScatterPod® accepts donations, including sympathy cards and other envelopes, up to 170mm wide and 4mm thick, allowing you to accept donations into an already secure donations box, through the pre-cut slot in the top of the Donation ScatterPod®. Once all of the donations have been received, the slot may be sealed in seconds with the built-in sealing system.

The completely sealed Donation ScatterPod® can then be handed directly to the family or charity without the need to open, or spend time counting the donations within.

The Donation ScatterPod® features a high quality, leatherette type effect finish, complete with a photo pocket as standard, allowing a photograph up to A6 in size (10.5 x 14.8 cm - 4" x 6") in a portrait style.

The base of both the Donation ScatterPod® and the stand features a writable label for keeping track of the any details and/or the charity.

Our new Donation Pod Stand features a leatherette type finish, with a clear pocket on the front to hold details of the charity that the collection is for.

Each stand is reusable, and is supplied with a pack of 15 blank cards to show details of the charity, which fit neatly into the included clear pocket on the front of the stand.

Additional packs of blank cards are available separately, if needed

Easy to use instructions are included with every ScatterPod®

Donation ScatterPod® Features

Every single Donation ScatterPod® has been co-designed by a funeral director, so you know that not only does each ScatterPod® look good, it's also very easy to use!

  • Co-designed by a funeral director: to be as simple and efficient as possible
  • No glue required: with our unique self adhesive sealing system
  • Accepts cash and sympathy cards: including envelopes up to 170mm wide and 4mm thick
  • Photo Pocket: included as standard, either for a photo or for details of the charity
  • Ready to accept donations: straight away, then seals in seconds
  • No counting required: once sealed, simply hand to the family or charity
  • High quality finish: coated in leatherette style paper, with gold foil printing
  • Writable base label: with plenty of room for details of charity etc.
  • Donation ScatterPod®: is single use, and the stand is multi-use.
  • Size
    Height Overall 30 cm (12"); Donation ScatterPod® 30cm (12"); Stand 4.8 cm (2")
    Width Overall 24.2 cm (10"); Donation ScatterPod® 20 cm (8"); Stand 24.2cm (10")
    Depth Overall 20 cm (8"); Donation ScatterPod® 7.5 cm (3"); Stand 20cm (8")
    Material Card (Greyboard)

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